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Amigos Del Camino          Friends of the Road

We accept all types of recreational vehicles.

Come along with us, once a month,  from the second full weekend in October

through April. Once there, you will enjoy many activities, good food and share

time with congenial fun loving people.  Check out our newsletters,  pictures

and other information listed on the left to see what we did last season. Most

of our members are from the Greater Phoenix area,  however we have some

from as far south as Sierra Vista and as far north as Sedona.  We are part of

the Rocky Mountain area that encompasses 6 states, and enjoy going to the

Rocky Mountain Ramble.  Join us for fun in the sun, and find out

why since  1968  we are the largest and fastest growing  Arizona chapter.

Looking for chapter information email us at azfmca.membership@gmail.com